ICMP students were given a high-energy performance of three songs that set an exciting and inspiring tone to the masterclass.  This was followed by lead singer, Alex Vargas, leading the band in giving a background of how they were formed, what they do and how they do it, from writing to recording to performing.  The students didn’t hesitate in asking questions about band dynamics, members’ influences and what it is like working with Brian Higgins and Xenomania, which Vagabond were all too happy to answer honestly and eloquently.  And ten lucky students were given free tickets to Vagabond’s gig at Water Rats in London later on that evening.

Vagabond is now offering ICMP students the chance to submit their original tracks, choosing a winning song themselves that the band will remix at the legendary Xenomania Studios.  The track will then be posted on Vagabond’s MySpace page and the winner will be offered a chance to support the band at their next London gig.  (www.myspace.com/vagabond)