Still Rules..

Even Ronald Orzabal, the band’s co-founders, never realized this song would rule the world for many decades. Orzabal did not want to include it in the album as he felt it did not fit the album, “Songs from the Big Chair”. It was the bands producer Chris Hughes who persuaded Orzabal to try recoding the song. It was the last song to be included in the album.

“Songs from the Big Chair” was Tears for Fears’s ninth album. The British pop and rock band did have many songs in the UK top 40 charts before. However in 1985, this song reached the top like never before. Peaking #2 in the UK Top 40 charts and Billboard Hot 100 #1 in the USA the song stayed in the top for many weeks.

It is also said that the song was initially named “Everybody Wants to Go to War”. Orzabal later revealed that the song beat was taken from the song “Waterfront”. It should be noted that Waterfront by Simple Minds was also in the UK Top 40 charts.

The bass guitarist Curt Smith sang along and Neil Taylor, the lead guitarist recorded the solo at the end of the song in just one take.

Curt Smith and singer Orzabal knew each other when they were in Bath, England and joined the band Neon where Manny Elias was the drummer. Manny later became the drummer for Tears for Fears. The duo later joined the band, Graduate which provided them more visibility. Moving out of Graduate, the duo formed a band called History of Headaches. This was renamed to Tears for Fears.

Today, the video of this song bring back fond memories of the sweet 80’s and the reign of music.